Sandycove Acres Home Owners Association


There has always been a "formal" process for submitting complaints to Sandycove Acres Ltd for members of the Home Owners Association.  By including both parties in the complaint you are ensured of an answer, whether it is the answer you wanted or not.

COMPLAINTS - How does it work?  Send your written complaint to Sandycove Acres and a copy to Sandycove Home Owners Association.   The Home Owner copy can be sent to our Post Office Box, handed to any Board member (CLICK HERE  for Board members) of the Home Owners or e-mailed to   You will then be contacted by the Complaints Director. You will be advised at this time if, for any reason, your complaint cannot be handled by the Association. The Director will, if appropriate, arrange to look at the problem and will also ask for any necessary additional details.  The Director will review your problem and attempt to resolve it directly.   Note that, as appropriate, Sandycove Acres will have 10 business days to act on an issue before we intervene. At any time that you receive a response from Sandycove Acres, please provide a copy to  the Complaints Director or, if itís verbal, call, the Complaints Director.

OUR COMPLAINTS PROCESS AND POLICY:  While we have a lot of experience and an excellent track record in respect of Residentís problems, we ask you to be aware that not all problems have solutions, not all solutions 100% satisfy all concerned; nor do they always happen as quickly as we would like; especially where seasonal issues are involved. Please also be aware that the Association reserves the right to turn down complaints that are outside Association policy or are considered inappropriate for any reason.

The Association accepts complaints if:

The Association cannot accept complaints about:

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