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VETS Committee for 2019-20

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John Hughes

Past President

Alan Leslie

Vice President

 John O'Leary

Director (Membership)

Linda Forbes


Susan Redgate

Director (Tickets)

Pat Laidlaw


Shirley Parker


Vicki Urwin

Social Convener

Ann Fuller


 (elections for this year were held March 24, 2019)_


REMEMBRANCE DAY - Wednesday, November 11th 2020   

Honour those that served in the armed services. 


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 For feature stories on our Vet's please click here

At the May 2017 Sandycove Veterans Club Pub/Social afternoon, a number of the the members gathered for a photo. 

   To see a short story on these Vets just click on the underlined names.    Shown in the picture are; 

Front - L to R - Bill Aplin, Blanche Lund, Vicky Urwin, Fred Branton, Clarence Janes, Ken Atkinson, Albert Attwells

Back - L to R - Andy LaPlante, Cliff Ashdown, Ted Gemmell, Alan Leslie, Ken May, Frank Fralick, Jerry Himmelman, John O'Leary, Bill Plume, Bob Molyneaux, Murray Conley

A regular feature - the Vet's Club recognizes residents who have served Canada in the military service.   A number of these stories are taken, in part, from “Veterans of Innisfil”, a local history book which was released for sale on November 11, 2013.   Stories are edited, compiled and written by  Larry Laidlaw of the Sandycove Veteran's Club please click on the following link to see all these folks.

 For feature stories on our Vet's please click here

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      Sandy Cove Veterans in Canada Day 150

(Barry Hall on Tractor)

 Sandycove Veterans Send a Big Thank You to Barry Hall (by Larry Laidlaw)

When I, Larry Laidlaw, first went on the Wheel Committee in 2010, some of the Clubs for Canada Day used the local farmers' hay wagons and tractors for their floats in the parade. Things began to change when Sandycove started buying up the local farms. One of these farmers, Alan Johnson, whose farm was beside the garden plots, is now retired and lives here in the Park. When I joined the Veterans Committee in 2013 I met Alan Johnson and he suggested that I contact Barry Hall regarding his hay wagon.

Barry was quite pleased to help with the vets on Canada Day. A few weeks later, Alan Leslie, Cliff Ashdown and myself went to Barry's and painted his hay wagon. When Barry showed up that first Canada Day with his 1936 co-op tractor pulling the hay wagon, it was an immediate success.

Barry has quite a history with Sandycove. Barry and Pauline Hall moved into a farm on the 20th Sideroad 48 years ago with their young family. There was an airstrip on his property parallel to Lockhart Road and former Sandycove owners, the Rice & Robertson families, used this airstrip for their airplanes. Barry helped when Sandycove was being built to dig out some of the lagoons.

The artillery gun in front of the Hub was brought here by Barry. It is an authentic German WW I gun.  Dave Robertson had bought it and Barry transported it here from the Toronto area.

This past Canada Day was the best yet with 18 veterans on the float and it didn't rain. 

Barry considers it a huge honour to be involved with our Sandycove heroes.

We thank Barry for the use of his wagon and the work that he has done and continues to do.


COMMEMORATION of the Sandycove Veteran's Cenotaph - held Friday November 1st, 2013.   Following the commemoration there was a dinner and dance held at the HUB.  The following pictures were taken at the ceremony.    (click on small images for a larger picture)





CANADA DAY celebrations featured the VET's as a number of the Sandycove Veterans joined the parade - here's a quick look at a few of them riding along in the rain...... a hardy bunch   (click on picture for a larger image)




Remaining photos are from earlier years and feature the colour party along with the Vets on the regular float.   Our thanks to Larry Laidlaw for getting the guys together.

For more details on the events shown or to obtain information from the VETS' Club please contact one of the Committee shown - phone numbers are in the Sandycove directory.


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