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Last Updated April 25th, 2018


Monthly minutes and special reports from the Home Owners monthly meetings and special meetings are available on this site.   To view them and have an inside look at events, issues, accomplishments, meetings, etc. please click here to view the current minutes.


(SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT)   SOME GREAT news from Royal Victoria REGIONAL HEALTH CENTRE (RVH) - click here for all the info.


(UPDATE)  WATER & SEWER BILLING: released by the Home Owners - April 16th

In spite of repeated efforts the Board of Directors has, at the time of writing, yet to receive from Parkbridge an answer that is satisfactory to residents, the Association or our legal advisor.  We are therefore asking all affected residents to attend a meeting being held on April 25th @ 7.00pm at the Wheel.  The purpose of the meeting is to discuss and decide on the next actions to be taken in this matter.    It is most important that every effort is made to attend since possible actions will, if successful, apply only to those residents taking part.   In the interim the Association recommends that residents should commence payments starting with the invoice for the month of March although this, of course, is a matter of individual choice.   We are distributing this message by all of the channels available to us but we do not – for privacy reasons – have a list of every resident concerned.   We would therefore ask you to check with anyone you know to be affected to confirm that they know about this meeting.     For a full update and history of the Water & Sewer billing issues please click here.

(UPDATE)  LEASE RENEWALS - LATEST INFORMATION:  released by the Home Owners - April 25th

The Association has reconfirmed the information previously circulated; that is that clauses in the "old" leases with respect to property tax, water billing and snow clearing will be honoured.   Following our previous update as to how leases that have already been renewed would be handled, we have learned that Parkbridge have now adopted the simpler method of amending the lease itself.   We have seen an actual completed instance of this and it does indeed restore the status quo with respect to these three items.   This, of course, is to be taken in conjunction with the recent announcement by Parkbridge that the installation of water meters will only happen for new residents.

We expect that future renewals will be based on a new "standard" lease.   This will - in the first draft that we have seen - have a specific clause laying out the various charges applicable to a given resident and will, in other clauses, have wording to be struck out and initialled by both parties.   Thus it would be useable for both renewals and new residents.   The Association expects to have an opportunity to review the final version of this lease before residents are contacted for renewing.   That being said, since this will, practically speaking, be a completely new lease, we recommend that residents should take time to review it before signing and may wish to consult a lawyer.   The Association, of course, will be happy to discuss with individual residents if so desired.    For a full update on the Lease issues for new and renewal leases please click here.

 (UPDATE) 2018 ANNUAL GENERAL MEETING - Sunday June 10th - 2:00 pm at the Wheel - As previously reported (click here to read previous announcement) nominations for election to the Board of Directors for 2018/19 closed at 5.00 pm April 20th.    Click here to see bio’s of those members who have put their names forward. 

WATER AND SEWER BILLING: The Home Owner’s Association continues to discuss the validity of this billing with Parkbridge and our legal representative is currently reviewing the latest response from management.   For a full update and history of the Water & Sewer billing issues please click here.


The SECOND Members Forum will be held on Sunday April 29th at 2.00 pm at the Wheel.   Come and hear the latest news of Association activities and bring your questions about our community!    For information on the Member Forums please click here.




(SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT) All Candidates Meeting  for the upcoming Provincial Elections to be held Wednesday, May 16th, at the Wheel – doors open at 6:30pm and introductions begin at 7:00pm.     Once again your Home Owners Association has arranged for an All Candidates meeting for the residents of Sandycove Acres.  This is your chance to hear first hand what the candidates in our riding have to say.   The newly redistributed Barrie-Innisfil riding candidates are shown below in alphabetical order.     Please click on the links to the candidates or their party.

Ann Hoggarth - Liberal

Andrea Khanjin Progressive Conservative

Bonnie North - Green Party

Pekka Reinio - NDP

Please remember to vote.   To get more information about the election please go to

AN IMPORTANT NOTICE for ALL Sandycove Residents - recently it was determined that a number of deceased trees had to be removed from Sandycove Acres.     Please click here to read the entire notice.


THE “HOABulletin”

 The HOABulletin is similar to the community e-bulletin but dedicated solely to Association matters. In line with our commitment to openness and transparency, it is available to all residents whether or not they are members. To receive the bulletin simply send an e-mail to with the subject line “Get HOABulletin”.








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